I was going through a rough time in my marriage and had many questions. Using her remote viewing skills and intuitive abilities, Kimberly was able to confirm certain details that helped me with the decision to end my marriage. She was also there to support me energetically and emotionally through the divorce.

Kimberly is able to tune in accurately to the energy of a home or individual and discern the frequency and type of that energy field. She is also able to clear and re harmonize these energies.

Kimberly is an amazing wealth coach. I was able to successfully create a 6 figure business after working with Kimberly to remove blocks and consciously create my new life.

A breakthrough in universal awareness beyond words…

Kimberly does more than channel… she has the ability to connect you dimensionally in a way I have never seen. The frequency she channels and her remote viewing ability is unparalleled.

Your energy WILL TRANSFORM JUST from being on this call. KimberlyMcGeorge has the ability to change your vibration instantly and raise it, I experienced her work first hand and it's life ALTERING! You're in for a treat......EXPECT TO FEEL THE POWER.

Your clients are some of the luckiest people on the planet. I don't think people even know this stuff exists! I'm absolutely amazed.

Yeah - Kimberly - you rock!!! It is true - you will be my last healer.

The difference between me yesterday (before session) and today (24 hours after session) is about the most remarkable experience I've ever had! Not only is my breathing normal - better than it has been in at least 4 years but I have more energy and am really excited about the future. I'm so motivated now going forward rather than just trying to figure out how to get through the current day! The constriction throughout my chest feels completely gone. Thank you so much for you being you and your gift to the world.

Ever since our 15 minute session on the 16th, I feel different about everything. The next day, I felt absolutely euphoric! I could see and be grateful for all of the wonderful and beautiful little miracles that happen every day in my life. It has been an absolutely amazing ride! I no longer feel like I am carrying my husband's emotional load. It doesn't "stick". Drama and chaos around me? Not a big problem.

The consultation on the 23rd nearly made me cry. For some reason I just had to ask those questions. I can't thank you enough for your honesty and kindness. I felt like a good friend was talking to me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I will be back for another clean out and boost.

Thank you, thank you from our group of devoted listeners here in Mexico....everyone is thrilled that you introduced Kimberly to us....we're already charged!! best Aloha

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