Scalar Energy Device

If you are interested in a passive scalar energy device based on Tesla's scalar technology, please contact me for more information. Prices range between 6,000 and 8,000 USD.

This product is demonstrated and experienced at ALL lives events currently held by Secret to Everything.

Profound and further testimonials and case studies are available upon request.

We are a national distributor for this product.

Serious inquiries only.


Cloud Buster

Cloudbuster destroys the aerosols that are being sprayed into our atmosphere, planet-wide. Cloudbusters have little or no direct effect on natural clouds. They replace the Dead Orgone in the atmosphere with positive Orgone, making it possible for natural clouds to form and making it difficult for chemtrail aerosols to remain.


Weather Wand

Have you ever wanted to control your skies? Protect your home and family from low frequency energies including intruders and more? Raise the frequency hundreds of square miles around you with our unique weather wand. Plug it in and activate the orgone and crystals in order to greatly amplify your results.

Can be used inside or outside. Ideally, we recommend one of our weather wands or cloud busters inside and the other one outside.

But one is better than none!!

This product is only available in the U.S and Canada. Free shipping!


Sacred Geometry Personal Orgone Protection

Each piece is made specifically for you by a very powerful Shaman. They are available in gold, silver, specific colors, or personal colors picked by the Shaman himself. All we need is a name and birth date.

Note: Those pictured are samples, yours will be individual


Protective Cross with Various Gems by Stacy

Intuitively created by artist Stacy Emmons, these crosses have been tech tested and provide a nice protective energy for your home. Can also be displayed outside under a covered area.


Energy Healing Bracelets by Stacy

These bracelets are lovingly made with authentic crystals and gemstones to bring forth the natural beauty in each one of us. These are each created with Divine guidance and inspiration. It is with this same guidance that you will receive the bracelet that is just right for you.


Orgone Pet Tag

Orgone protection for your pets. Don't leave your pets out! Small discs with coils and high frequency protection for your pet's collor or under their bed where they sleep. Also can be put under food and water dishes.


Orgone Cross

Protect an entire home and property with the energy field this cross throws up. Individually handcrafted of our proprietary secret black orgone formula and loaded/saturated with metal frequencies, color frequencies, sacred geometry, and more. This is sure to a practical treasure for years to come.


Essiac Formula Organic Tea

Made famous as an antiviral, antibacterial, and an immune booster. We source only verified organic herbs and mix up this powerful formula in house.


Earth Energy Harmonizer (Paper wrapped)

Put these in the ground on 4 corners of your property, "gift" them. Or use them in your home by doors, or high EMF areas. I like to put one on either side of my front door which forms and "arc" of high frequency welcome.