Black Sun Pyramid

This piece has BLACK SUN orgonite as well as copper pieces thickly layered with gold flakes, a quartz crystal point and about 60 small, polished amethyst chunks. Don't forget the gorgeous labradorite pieces embedded in the side.


BB1 (Big Bad Blackguard)

Back new and improved our BB1 which, stands for Big Bad Blackguard. Nothing basic about this, it is filled with shungite, copper, obsidian, other metals, and a little bit of amethyst, plus more.


Radionics Cone

This is a gorgeous 2 1/2 inch by 3 cone perfect for corners and small spaces, where you don't want to take up a lot of room. These are decorative so I don't recommend burial.


Cloud Buster

Cloudbuster destroys the aerosols that are being sprayed into our atmosphere, planet-wide. Cloudbusters have little or no direct effect on natural clouds. They replace the Dead Orgone in the atmosphere with positive Orgone, making it possible for natural clouds to form and making it difficult for chemtrail aerosols to remain.


Essiac Formula Organic Tea

Made famous as an antiviral, antibacterial, and an immune booster. We source only verified organic herbs and mix up this powerful formula in house.


Orgone Protective Keychains

These run out of stock frequently, so stock up while you can! Great to "give" to others because they don't know what a powerful gift you are giving them!!! Perfect for teen drivers or to carry in your purse with or without keys.


SuperDuper Pendulum

Why do we call this the only pendulum you will ever need?

It's self clearing, self cleansing and one of the most powerful antennas I have ever used. You can carry it with you and it will throw up a force field of protection.