What is the Secret to Everything?

Dr. Kimberly McGeorge, ND, CNH, combines “science with possibility” and  has been experimenting with frequencies in products and with her clients for the last decade and a half. After consulting with an esteemed  neurosurgeon, Dr. Kimberly realized that the frequencies she had been  using could be applied to all areas of her client’s lives. Dr. Kimberly has over 24 years of clinical experience in both the alternative health and energy healing field.

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  • Infinite gratitude to Dr. Kim and team for that healing call last night! I came on that call with severe back and abdominal pain at 9:15 pm. I could barely sit or walk all that day and this morning, I jumped out of bed pain free!!! I'm going to stalk you guys from now on!

  • Oh wow! That’s Multiverse perfection! I’m crying and replaying it over and over.   I just felt all the angst I was feeling just melt away....perfect timing as well...of course. Thank you SO much!!

  • WOW Doc, I am just so humbled by all the wonderful love and support I am receiving from our Ultimate Awakening group!!!  It truly swells my heart and am ever so honoured that I got to know them over the year from comments and calls and posts ... so stoked by it all!

  • Hi!!!! Brice seems to be leveling out. He is going to sleep MUCH better at night and seems to be sleeping better as well. I can't remember the last time he got up and came to our room in the middle of the night complaining about a stomach ache. He is finally willing to walk around outside barefoot, which he would never really do before. He seems more comfortable being with himself or being in silence without needing distractions from electronics. Again, truly, thank you for all of your help with my kiddos!!!*Due to children's privacy issues we only put location but we have full testimonial on file

  • First time I ever heard you...and was hooked for life!

  • Kim's work has surpassed anything I could have hoped for with which to bless myself in moving forward. Kim nailed it when she used the word nurturing. I feel that, and the love, to my very marrow.

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