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  • My scan results were phenomenal and mind twisting! lol I have a lot of questions and a lot of “stuff” to work through. However without Kimberly’s knowledge and assistance I’d just continue to be stuck. Thanks so much for your kindness, help and knowledge. xoxo  

  • I feel so liberated.......I have chills of joy running up and down my body, my soul is singing.....happiness abounds. Thanks again!

  • OMG Dr. Kim! What a session!

  • I can’t thank you enough for the live event. Where can anyone get the info you shared? No where except STE. You truly are incredible! Thank you! I wish I would have stumbled upon your work a decade ago.

  • Kimberly and her team are the real deal when it comes to energy and frequency healing!

  • Back in July 2013 I heard you on the Jennifer McClean internet show and you said my fortune was about to change and there was money in my future. Oct 31st 2013: I won enough money to pay off all my bills including my mortgage and able to help my brother. Thank god otherwise I’d be in money trouble right now. You were so right.

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