Celtic Herbal Magic

Come along with me on a journey into the Celtic world of herbs and magic. We will not only be learning the magic of HERBS but we will be learning some other magical things to manifest and improve your life as well. This will be a deeply practical course suitable to enhance all areas of your life.

I have studied and utilized herbs for over 30 years and am currently moving forward to purchase property for an herb healing farm. I am well acquainted with both the metaphysical and physical healing applications of herbs.

Now, for the first time I want to begin to share some of that magic with YOU!

This is a two-module class that comes with one personalized scan on the Celtic Herbal Magic panels.

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No More Allergies

Learn once and for all why we have sensitivities and allergies and how to eliminate them. 

Included is a personalized scan for one person indicating biofeedback issues with this subject.

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The Transformation

Have you ever wanted to quickly and easily clear and move the energy in your house or energy field? 

For less than the cost of a consultation with an energy clearer, learn hundreds of ways to raise the energy in your home and person. 

Magical and unique ideas, many of which you have probably never heard of.

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Roots (LIVE First Class of 2018)

This isn’t just a class to change your life.

It’s an experience designed to change the core of who you are.

Who you thought you were. And who you imagined you could be.

12 powerful live teachings

12 powerful personal evaluation/scans

12 powerful live activations

12 powerful personal MP3’s that will change. Your. life. Forever.

Place your deposit below (Total class is five more payments of $347)

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