Transmutation VIP Day

Do you require intensive work? Have you been unable to have a breakthrough?

BOOK NOW: If this is something you are interested in. We are not positive we are doing a LIVE event this year. When Kimberly offers in person appointments, she often sells out!!

Now offering with limited availability: (May not be available at some times of the year) 1/2 Day

VIP VIRTUAL Transmutation Days.

Payment plans are available!!

Work with Kimberly LIVE with her technology and advanced abilities to peer into your timelines, your energy field and much much more. Receive divinely guided messages to help you through life, romantic, health or business decisions. These will be 4 hours with a break at the halfway point. Normal hourly rates are $999 an hour. With this session, you receive personal and intimate guidance for a 25% discount. What could move and transform or show up in your life as a result of this time? All times will be scheduled well in advance. A picture and goals will be required to be submitted so we can make the most of your time.

FULL Virtual Day: $6,500.00

Payment plans are available!!

LIVE VIP 1/2 days or whole days. Live VIP days are available in Kimberly's home in a VERY limited amount. All appointments must be scheduled well in advance with Brianna. These appointments do NOT include lodging, but will include meals with Kimberly during the session, snacks, technology, hands on healing and much more. If you need help with lodging, please contact us and we will find you something close and comfortable.

1/2 day including snacks and one meal: $5,000.00

8 hour day including snacks and two meals: $9,000.00

2nd 8 hour day: $8,000.00

Payment plans are available!!

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