SSP/Milabs/MK Ultra Scan and Reading - New!

  • Are you being abducted during the day/night?
  • Were you or are you in the SSP or Milabs programs?
  • Were you placed in the hardcore MK ultra-programs
  • Are things happening you aren't aware of?
  • Could your accumulative stored trauma be holding you back from creating the life you have always desired?
  • What jobs have you done?
  • What projects were you in?
  • What are the abilities in these programs?
  • Do you have clones?
  • Is your "soul mate" on planet or off planet
  • Are you being abducted at night?
  • Who is taking you?

Bonus: I'll tell you one soul family you belong to (you have many if you are an old soul)

  • We can definitively tell you DETAILS of most of these things.
  • You will receive a detailed MP3 an aura reading AND an MP3 to help you process and release memories and trauma.

There is power and healing in knowing the TRUTH.

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