MP3: Clean Sweep (Energy Clearing)

This was created by request in order to clear energies in a home, hospital room, car or other "spaces". This will raise the vibration and energy in a room contributing to the highest good of all those who enter or dwell there. This is layered with various high vibrational frequencies specifically that cleanse and restore energetic balance. We have many testimonies of those who have felt and experienced a difference with this MP3. Paranormal groups have also used this in their work with fantastic results. It is recommended that it is looped and played low or can be left alone to play as well. Some play this before they go to sleep at night to clear their personal sleeping space and protect it. 

"This MP3 is amazing in it's ability to quickly change and shift the energy into higher frequency. It is one of my very favorites. I have used it without others knowing and it always delivers consistent results." Christy Noble, Denver, CO

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