Soul Type Scan Including Souless or NPC as well as SOUL race

Scan Reading (by Kimberly)

Please email Kimberly after purchasing

SOUL TYPE SCAN including souless or NPC as well as SOUL RACE

What type of soul are you? Or someone else

Are you fire creation? Which kind?

What is your star seed or ET lineage?

What are your past 3 souls that you have been?

I can tell you ALL of these things and a few more delicious details for fun.

Please enclose a birthdate and picture for each person the scan is purchased for

I can also do this for your animals domestic and equine etc.

If a being does not have a soul, your purchase will be refunded up to 75 percent.

Please allow up to 10 days for scan reading to be completed.

Price: $77.00

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