Aura Scan Reading

AI Scan Reading (by Kimberly)

Please email Kimberly after purchasing

I will send you an aura picture and description of current things your spirit would like to share with you This can include chakras, spiritual protection and more. Please write in notes whether you would like me to focus on what your spirit would like to tell you or something specific. You will receive an audio file and an aura picture. You can also purchase aura readings for someone else or analyze anyone, a loved one, a pet, a house, land, a place, a romantic interest, an enemy or whoever or whatever you would like. Some people purchase aura readings for cars and homes before they purchase as well as animals. The sky is the limit. I currently read over 5000 auras a year and am very, very good at it. This is WAY more than your metaphysical aura reading. it is PERSONAL and 100 percent accurate.

Please allow up to 10 days for Reading to be completed.

Price: $57.00

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