3 Goddess Oracle Magical Rune Deck

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Introducing our new Magical Rune Deck! Created by all three of us, designed by Raelene.

Runes are a powerful tool for personal growth and spiritual transformation. They can help you in your day to day life. When casting runes, they tap into your unconscious, as they talk to you, teach you and guide you with their wisdom. They are an ancient form of oracle used by those seeking spiritual advice and guidance.

This deck includes all 24 basic runes and 21 bind/formula runes. Together there are a total of 45 rune cards.

These cards are very easy to learn as we have included the upright AND reversed meanings onto the cards. Therefore, no book needed! Pay close attention to whatever messages that you receive with these cards. Sometimes you'll pick up other messages from your higher self- your oversoul.

How to use the rune cards?

There are no set rules with certain spreads or how many cards you pull. You can simply shuffle and draw 1 card as your daily guidence. Or you can draw 3 (past, present, future). The possibilities are endless!

Another exciting way you can use them is asking which rune you should cast a spell for the day, week, or for a special event, etc!

If you draw the "secrets revealed", perhaps this is telling you should should use that rune to do a rune spell by drawing that exact rune on paper with your written intention of "I intend to find out something that has been hidden from me". You can be as specific as needed.

Another example; If you draw the "altering" card, perhaps this is advice to do a rune spell where you should see if you can help change or alter a person's opinion so that they agree with you on what you desire.

Each card is 2.48"×3.46" inches for easy shuffling

Deck comes with 45 rune cards and a beautiful silk pouch.

Please note: these are made-to-order and will take 1-3 weeks before your deck is ready to ship

Price: $37.00

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