3 Goddess Oracle Lenormand Deck

Made To Order

Introducing our new very own Lenormand deck! Created by all three of us, designed by Raelene.

Like the tarot, Lenormand is another wonderful tool to predict future events. Raelene has been reading Lenormand style cards for 10 years along with Tarot for over 20. She's always dreamed of creating her own Lenormand cards and she finally has!

Lenormand is another divination tool with a similar history to that of the Tarot. Unlike the Tarot, Lenormand is known to be more "literal" rather than "in depth" such as the Tarot. However, Raelene has discovered by using Lenormand for many years, she has been able to also pick up in depth messages. And they're also great to pair with Tarot cards to get even more detailed messages!

How to read lenormand?

The original way of using them is to pull at least 2 cards as a pair, and read them in a sentence. For example, if the Sun card is first pulled and then the Letter card right after, then that would be a message about a happy message! Or a conversation that brings joy.

However, Lenormand can be read any way the reader desires, whether it be only pulling 1 card, 2 cards, or more! The possibilities and card spreads are endless!

Each card is 2.48"×3.46" inches for easy shuffling

Deck comes with 38 cards along with card meanings and a beautiful silk pouch.

Please note: these are made-to-order and will take 1-3 weeks before your deck is ready to ship

Price: $47.00

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