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Detailed Secret Space & Secret Projects Scan

This will be a 20 - 25 minute recorded scan with aura reading recorded on audio. I talk very fast so you will probably get much more comprehensive information. I also add current information your oversoul would like to speak to you about. 

NOTE: This is not interchangeable. This is a Secret Military Space and Project Scan. You can also ask certain questions or direct the direction of this scan within this topic.


Soulmate Scan

This is designed to answer YOUR personal questions about the person you are with or the person you left or the person who might be coming. You ask what you want to know. I will give you specific answers plus bonus things that come in for you. This is a challenging scan but I tend to be very accurate, even on timing. I am very good at reading timelines. This does not come with an aura reading. It is pure information and answers to YOUR specific questions.


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