Releasing the Toxicity: an Energy ReMastered App

Releasing the Toxicity

  • Video teaching and MP3's to help begin to balance your field and result in purification.
  • This will actually show in your aura and in your energy, resulting in a rise in vibration and overall health and wellness.
  • This is a primary foundation that will always be needed in order to progress in this reality.

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UnLocked: Secrets to Having Wealth and Abundance Now!

UnLocked: Secrets to having Wealth and Abundance Now!

  • Beginning tips and secrets to shifting the balance and flow of true wealth and abundance in your life.
  • Comes with supportive frequency MP3's.

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3 Days in the Desert LIVE Event 2022

Join us for our FIRST public LIVE event in 2 years.

We will be going to the MAGO Resort for 4 nights and 3 days in Sedona, AZ. This is an ALL-inclusive event with 3 meals plus snacks provided, as well as your lodging.

The cost for a life altering perception opening event will be $3,333 for a double room. A private room is extra.

We will be "ship watching", performing life altering sessions and rituals, healing ceremonies and hands on healing, learning how to see through to other dimensions, documenting the evidence. We will be looking for the famous Sedona "lights" and communicating with our star families that are here.

This will be HIGHLY interactive as we take advantage of the vortex energy. Space is limited and filling up NOW! CURRENTLY unless we open more spots there are only 30!

We are taking deposits to HOLD your space.

$300 - Reserve Your Space


Genetic 55 Panel Testing

55 SNP Genetic testing from one of the premier labs in the country. We make genetic testing simple and offer enormous upgrades from most providers.

Take your saliva sample at home, send it in and receive a voice or video explanation from me as to what is going on with YOUR DNA. Catch methylation, nutrition, hormone and energy metablolism disorders as well as brain chemical imbalance. We KNOW the spectrum disotders and we KNOW methylation. We are leading the way in progressive and rapid balancing using both energy frequency technology that we distribute AND genetic testing to personalize even this generalized experience. We use YOUR body to guide us to what YOU need to fix the issue. So this isn't a scary process, it's super empowering. I will be there to answer all your questions. Genetic testing changed my life 5 years ago...don't wait any longer change YOUR life today!

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ChakraMastered: an EnergyMastered App

Note: Available in iOS ONLY

Hold the power to heal in the palm of your hand

STOP relying on others to “run your energy”.

Put the power for your own health and *well being* into YOUR hands. Useful for clients or home use. Works with animals and spaces too.

We have designed a powerful visual aura and chakra snapshot app that uses our first layer of technology, COLOR to balance your field.

Watch in real time as your aura and chakra position come into alignment in real time with real actual frequencies. Experiment with exercise, music and more to see what is your optimum routine.

Useful as a practitioner tool, using a voice print you can run our tech anywhere, anytime and have visual results. Client database to save basic information.

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