The End of the Medical Intuitive


You know what is so wonderful? We have technology that is so far advanced in all sectors from anything you could ever imagine? But the flip side of that is very few people know this fact AND very few people know about the EXTREME technology we have NOW.

It's kind of like how with the advance of Western Culture we have put a lot of people out of business. NOW, I don't advocate drinking milk BUT this is a good example. The milkman used to come to your door and bring your milk and you would pay them or leave an envelope (shocked face)...YES people used to be trusting a few years back. NOW, you go to the gas station or the grocery store and buy your milk. You can debate all day long who or what is better.

One of my goals is to put POWER of your energetic states and MORE back in YOUR hands. How? With the current technology and training from probably one of the few practitioners at least in the states that have done this as long as I have. For the BEST tech is useless without practical and high quality training.

Here's my point. If I told you there was tech that could see down your timelines and answer all your "psychic" questions that was 100 percent accurate would you ever employ a psychic? Probably not.

Well we have personal technology AND I have 5 different types of technology that are pretty darn accurate. Why? Because it goest direct from YOU to a very skilled practitioner. (that would be me). It doesn't go from you through a flawed and imbalanced HUMAN and then back again.

I've practiced for years as a medical intuitive and am very good at merging with YOU and seeing what's going on in your body. I wouldn't call myself a human MRI but hey, that's me. I would take an MRI over a flawed human who has their own issues every day.

When I see people advertising themselves as this. I want to laugh. We've had technology for YEARS that is the same TECH as an MRI and is super accurate. Without the blather. Without the human ness. Just you. The tech. Results. Bam. No guessing. No, oh I'm tired, I'm not as accurate. Just results.

Let me share the most recent story. I hear these EVERY single day.

I was at my chiropractor's office and she wanted to know what I do. I showed her some of the technology I use and said to her. You have NO aura protection. You are under a vicious attack from someone who doesn't think very highly of you. You see if you keep hanging around, you will discover that ALL is energy and everything can be known. Yes, everything!

Anyway, she called me minutes later, in fact, I was in the car and said, "Oh my gosh, you were right...I was just attacked when I walked in the next room."

No I wasn't right. ShE was right. HER body told me what was going on. Her energy field gave me the information. So check out the tech we created to empower you to save money and receive more accurate information. Check out our training so you know how to use it as the tool it was intended. Check out our resources and free shows, podcasts and radio show that airs around the world on major stations.

We've been in business for 26 years. We know energy. We understand you.