Personal Protection Prosperity Device

Personal Protection Prosperity Devices

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One of a Kind STE Exclusive New Shipment of Protective Key Rings

29.97 plus $5 shipping (US)

(For international orders please contact before ordering)

Powerful, one of a kind, Key inside. what does your key stand for? Natural and high level orgonite protection in a beautiful and attractive package.

Basic Blackguard Enhanced Passive Spiritual Protection


After much research, we have found these amazing...Did we say AMAZING?

(Watch video) for raising the frequency of your home to a visible level when grided properly. These are great for indoor and outdoor use.

These are enhanced at the STE offices with 528.00 and other technology frequencies that have proven to be effective for protection.

At this time we are only recommending these for very LIGHT EMF protection. More research needs to be done on the actual potency of ANY (including ours) products.

We have found these amazing for mitigating negative energy in the home. We do not recommend ANY other orgone at this time until it could tested by our labs that we use.

$29.97 plus shipping. 6 dollars shipping in US, All foreign shipping will be billed actual shipping after mailing


BBB (Big Bad Blackguard)....



Gabby and I can both feel this searing into our hands when we hold it. This is some powerful force field protective and transformation energy. This is one of my "favorite things" and will be featured in a "favorite things" video on YouTube...

We have worked hard to lower the price and make it more affordable so you can grid.
If you can only afford ONE. I would buy this. Super powerful and if you had to, can pick up for a personal energy field. I have just brought one into my car.

This is about 5 times as powerful. However, the BB's are more effective and economical for gridding.




Powerful gridding bar good for a large portion of your yard. THIS is what was stolen from my yard, a month after I bought it. Realize part of my property goes against a lake and it was basically hidden among my pine trees. This had to be energetically visible and threatening to entities and energies it was placed there to protect against. My property is also heavily fenced and my bedroom was fairly close to where it was taken.

THIS will have more of a wait due to construction.....and heavy frequencies placed for protection and other things into the item. (2-3 weeks) We have been beta testing these and we can't keep them in stock.

It's about 7-8 inches long and made with copper, black orgonite and other proprietary ingredients.

$77.00 + $8 shipping (US)

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