MP3: The Love Unconditional

Do you struggle to love yourself?

Do you struggle to nurture yourself? 

Stop struggling and transform into an amazing connection with the all and bliss so you can go forward in a powerful purpose!

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MP3: Magic Money Machine

Eliminate the beliefs that are stopping you from living in the flow of wealth. This track will help dissolve beliefs such as:

  • I'm never going to be rich
  • I can only make a certain amount of money.
  • Others get rich, why can't I?

 and many more.

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MP3: Dissolve All Threats

Dissolve All Threats 

What threats you might ask?

Well, if you really want to know all the frequencies you can write us but suffice it to say it will protect you from most things personally and around your house on a spiritual level. 

Items like Peace, protection and divine guidance make their way into this panel to neutralize weather, wars and personal conflict plus more!!!

Here's a couple:

  • Close open-ended portals
  • Bring light to my neighborhood
  • Move off the X (there's specific meaning to that one)

Play, whenever your app says you are under spiritual attack or YOU, KNOW you are!!!

What app? Contact us for a free trial.

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MP3: Audacity

Sometimes people offend you, betray you, gossip about you and just plain ole "drive you crazy". The Audacity of THEM, pushes you into reaction and it's hard to hold your center. This bring you a peace that you don't have to go into resistance, but can stand firm and draw a line in the sand if you have to. Purchase Audacity Here!


MP3: VisionScapes: Calling In Your Soulmate

A classic meditation to attract the right person into your life at this time. Filled with warm fun slides to help you meditate and focus on this. Layered with proprietary frequencies.

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