The Sticky Sweetness of Complacency


I recently drove to Oklahoma from North Carolina. I noticed a difference in energy immediately as I left my high frequency environment for a wide and varied one as I traveled.

As we wandered our way across the country, eventually (and believe me, only a matter of time) before we found ourselves on one of the many back roads that meanders through Oklahoma. We pulled to a stop in front of an old fashioned gas station with dusty shelves and limited stock. I could barely figure out how to use the 70's era gas pumps but DID enjoy the pleasure of 100 percent gasoline. So refreshing.

As I walked Luna and got out to pump gas I noticed an eerie stillness. Some would call it peace, but it was more sluggish than that. It was time moving at the same routine. It was NOT the peaceful breath we all need to take daily....rather it was a sluggish trap of nothingness which was exactly like the day before.

It felt rather like quicksand to me. It looks simple on the surface but underneath lies something more deadly than you can ever imagine. Simply put it's called STUCK energy. You don't have to be lost in the back roads of Oklahoma to experience being STUCK.

We've all been there. You (act like) you are STUCK in a relationship, a job or a location. It's not true but it the siren song that you hear upon awakening and that lulls you to sleep at night.

This is your wake up call. RESIST. You know the places. You can feel them in your heart and gut as you read this. The FEAR that I might be telling the truth. The FEAR that you might be STUCK forever. No one else is coming to rescue you from the places where you haven't moved in your life. But with God's help and your free will you can turn the sticky sweetness of complacency into a lifetime of flow and adventure.

I encourage you NOT to wait another day. Secret to Everything provides the support for those who wish to live juicy, extraordinary lives. I hope to meet you soon.