I’m tired of hu-mans getting a bad rap

Published July 29th, 2019 by Secret To Everything

Yes I should have been working. It’s Monday and I have tons to do but I was posting in my group and got distracted on Facebook. Fancy that. Anyway,

Mamavation posted this article and I’m upset. They claim to be conscious and aware but obviously they don’t understand who we are as humans, how we got here or who our overlords are. Or worse. They do and its deliberate deception. Yes, we have free will but are you MONSANTO? Are you the huge corporations who poison our food and water? I doubt it. It’s not the humans, its the corporate overlords. Can we help YES. But its not us who strip mines and pollute on large scales.

Stop buying into the universal planetary deception and dividing us and trying to make us feel guilty. Yes we care. Yes we can each be personally responsible for nature and animals and oceans. But I’m not buying into this BS anymore and neither should you. Run the energy. It’s their agenda, not yours.

Let’s really awake. And stop this junk consciousness BS. Back to work.

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