I do not need your approval

Published August 10th, 2019 by Secret To Everything

I just received an eviscerating email which I am unfamiliar with getting. Oh no, not because we don’t receive them but because my amazing staff shields me from most of the negativity.

Once again, this person reminded me that I am not worth what I charge (mirroring), am a horrific human be-ing (mirroring) and provide no value to society. (mirroring)

Then she proceeded to itemize exactly what I am worth in dollars.

Just. Say. No.

You do not need anyone’s approval for the prices you set. You do not have to have anyone approve of your religious beliefs or lack of them. You do not need anyone’s approval on the house you live in or the car you drive.

You have to live with you and they have to live with them. And right now, I would rather live with me.

I’m far from perfect but I strive everyday to live a high frequency and authentic life that is transparent to others. I am open to learning and growing and changing and admitting my BS when it is TRUE. But it is NO ONE’s job to define your self worth. Not your boss, your clients, your parents, your mate or your kids. No one’s.

Do not fear disapproval. It will keep you from being BIG and doing BIG things.

It will feed your own silent fears that linger on the outskirts of your energy field and these will fester and grow so you stay SMALL and SILENT.

May it never be we allow anyone else to dictate who we are or our value. Be willing to be so BIG that others don’t understand you and never will.

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